Sunday, January 25, 2009

Understatement of the Year

I've always said that men can't see dirt. Well, let me tell you.

I returned home yesterday around 4:00 from an afternoon of 5 hours of knitting with the girls. Time does fly when I'm having fun! Kip came to open the door for me, looking a bit weary. He said he had just cleaned up a dirty boy. He said that while changing the boy, some errant poop was lurking somewhere, an invitation for the boy's left hand to get in it. He said he was too late grabbing the little hand away, but quickly scrubbed off the mess. harm done, right?

I made the bottles and scooped up the boy for some cuddling. We sat down to start the meal and I looked dreamily into his olive-green eyes. To my HORROR, I saw a brown smear on his right eyelid. I yelled, "AUGH!! He has poop on his eye!!!" I found my thoughts sleuthing out the physics of how a left outer palm makes contact with a right eyelid. There was no explanation.

I whisked the poor chap back to the child-laundering station where we met up with a warm washcloth.

I can deal with crumbs on the counter, beard bristle segments in the bathroom sink, unmatched socks scattered on the living room floor...but poop on the eye???

The moral of this story is that Kip either needs to wear glasses while baby-changing or the babies need some little swimming goggles as a precautionary measure.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Last Thursday, Seda started not wanting all of her bottle at EVERY feeding! She would arch her back, turn her head away, and push the bottle away with her hands! She's always been an archer, but this was getting really mind-boggling, and having her only eat 3 oz was not a good thing.

So we struggled with this over and over until this morning, when I had an amazing revelation. I thought to myself, "Hmm...maybe she's not hungry every three hours anymore!" So the first meal of the day for her and Kai was at 9am, and they both ate everything. I thought, "I wonder if they'd be interested in more?" And wouldn't you know, the little girl pest had another ounce or so!

After breakfast, I bathed them, and they slept like LOGS for 90 minutes. There was a 4 hour interval between Seda's first and second meal, and she ate ALL 6 ounces again, washed down with her pile of cereal and fruit! There was NO arching, head-turning or bottle-pushing!


Seda is trying to tell me that mashed lentils don't go with oatmeal and mangos.

Here's Kai, contemplating some cereal-dusted tofu cubes.