Thursday, April 16, 2009

She Eats...AND She Speaks!!!

After being out at the in-laws for Easter Sunday lunch, we were home in time for the 4pm feeding, and low and behold our little girl FED HERSELF Cheerios!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. She's a bit late in the game, but better late than never. Her brother started finger-feeding at the end of January! She devours every meal via fingers to mouth now.

And this morning, while on diaper duty, she uttered, "ma-ma-ma-ma," and I thought she was just blowing bubbles. But NOOOOO, she has entered the world of locution and has been babbling "ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma" intermittently all day!! Her brother started babbling mid-January.

That's my girl!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Energizer Babble Bunny

My ultra-loveable XY baby is an energizer bunny. He starts moving and babbling at 7:30am and doesn't really stop until 8pm. He naps twice for maybe an hour at each nap. He says Dada, Mama, Nana, GaGa, Blah Blah, Buh Buh, Annn, Unn (which I think means both lunch and all-done), Ayy (he's going to be a ladies man like The Fonz), and when I ask him something that "requires" a yes or no, he responds true to his German heritage with, I swear...Nein.

Yesterday, my also ultra-loveable rather quiet Little Miss napped peacefully for an hour on top of me while The Boy was in the swing. He was in constant motion and noise the whole time, banging, pulling on the mobile things, hanging sideways out of the swing, babbling. I would look over periodically to find him in "Two-Fin" finger-sucking mode for 10 seconds before he remembered he had to bang around some more and rock back in forth in the sideways-swaying swing. Little does he know he only has about 4 pounds to go before he can't use it anymore. This trait is actually quite endearing, for it assures that the minute his head hits the bedtime mattress, he sleeps 11 hours straight. Must be all that healthy food I'm shoving down their gullets. Cheerio-dusted tofu cubes were a huge hit yesterday, and spoonfuls of hummus are always a crowd pleaser. The homemade baked sweet potato fries were a welcome snack as well.

Today we are trapped inside again, due to April showers. Here's hoping for a dry sunny weekend!