Sunday, May 31, 2009

Operation Yum-yum

I ditched Kip and the kids the other night to go to knit night, a Hip Mama meetup. It was fun, and one of 3 nights a month that I can get out for "me" time. At breakfast, Kip told me a VERY funny story about Kai while he was giving Seda her bottle that night. He and Seda were minding their own business and Kai was adventuring on the floor. At one point Kip thinks, "Where's Kai?" and he sees Kai's head slooooowly emerge from the floor, like a submarine's periscope, just visible above Kip's knee, with a CRAZED look in his eye and a big half-moon smile. He scans left...beep, beep, beep, beep...then right...beep, beep, beep, beep...and finds his target. THE BOTTLE. You could hear the dive alarm go off, and Kai submerges to the murky depths. All you could hear is the sonar. THEN...Kip sees one hand slowly come up, then the second hand comes up and both clamp on to the edge of the end table and the full baby submarine rises again, his crazed eyes level with the milk bottle. He clears the end table of everything, grunting with exertion: remotes, coasters, books...until only the bottle remains. He reaches for it and is defeated by Daddy. In his defeat he skulks away to destroy one of the books while he impatiently waits for dinner. Kip said if it had been a movie, Kai would have been clad in full Navy Seal gear, clutching a knife in his teeth and employing grappling hooks to scale the "mountain." The G-rated version would have been more like an episode from a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip where Calvin's vivid imagination places him in a role greater than his 6 year-old size.

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victor said...

very cute, good post and even cuter kids!