Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Labor Day Weekend to Remember

On Thursday, I went to the dentist only to find I need to have some gum grafting done. The recovery from this kind of procedure is the worst. On Friday, whilst out grocery shopping, I got stung by a bee for the first time and was then followed by another bee into Tar-jay. I was running into the store, arms waving wildly while pushing the stroller yelling, "Ack! Get away!" People looked at me like I was a mad woman. 30 minutes after the sting, I checked to see if I was still breathing. I was, so I'm not allergic. My first survival instinct was to suck out the venom, which I did.

There are now 24 more days of no-weight bearing for Kip's foot. I continue to trudge on steering the ship alone as best I can, keeping the dust/fur rhinoceri at bay so the babies don't trip over them and crack their skulls. He met up with the final straw that broke his back Saturday night, meaning that the less-than-firm mattress had finally done him in. At 3am, I heard some thuds and groans, got up to find he had moved to the floor to try to get some relief. 2 hours later, we were both still awake. I've been sleeping on the couch during his recovery, and despite wearing earplugs to drown him out, I would just be dozing off and then startle awake with another "Aughhhh!" from the back bedroom. The last time I went in to see him, at 4:30, I looked at the clock and said, "Fun...the kids will be up in 2 hours." Thankfully I'd gone to sleep at 9:30 the night before. After a few pain killers, Kip found relief and was able to sleep for a while. He somehow managed to get up and out to the livingroom in the morning and wanted to help feed the kids. He arrived in nothing but his undervest and skivvies. I retrieved his shirt and shorts, and he had his shorts on the floor around his ankles. I took pity on him and pulled his pants up for him. We were both laughing about the situation. Heating pads and ice packs and some yoga stretches helped the pain immensely. Oddly enough, the previous day, he spent most of the day in some kind of trance, looking like Nick Nolte's mugshot for most of the day. We don't know why he was so tired on Saturday...perhaps from a week of hobbling around on crutches.

After breakfast, I whirled around moving the queen size mattress (by myself) off the bed and replacing it with the aerobed inflated to ultra firmness. The kids napped from 11am to almost 2pm, miraculously, having spent most of the morning in the cage. I escaped the rest home atmosphere to go to our friend's annual Labor Day picnic with the kids. We had fun for a few hours. Monday was more solitude and baby wrangling, finished off by Kip and I watching 2 episodes of "Twin Peaks." Woo hoo! We know how to party, huh?

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